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Have you ever felt that the Bank was trying to take a chainsaw to your Business?

The banks regularly pay lip service to offering their clients great deals, and I regularly see good facilities at good rates, with low fees and charges. Just as often, however, I see facilities that are just good for the bank and not so good for the client. The following 3 case studies tell their own story.

If these stories resonate with you and you haven't reviewed your finance facilities recently, you can have a no-obligation, free assessment by an expert Financial Strategist that could possibly produce huge savings - just as in these case studies.

Case Study #1

Last year one of my clients had an overdraft limit of $65,000. When he totaled up all the bank fees, interest and charges for the year, they amounted over $35,000. Part of this amount - $15,000 - was due to the overdraft (he had exceeded his limit on two short occasions), and $20,000 related to merchant account activity. His average balance had only been approximately $39,000 throughout the year.

I was able to re-finance his overdraft debt and a small home loan, and provide additional funds to purchase a factory. He saved over $10,000 in interest and charges per year for the remainder of his business debt. Over a 10 year period that amounts to $100,000 in savings!

Case Study #2

I recently interviewed a prospective client with a bank facility of $9,000,000. The interest rate over the range of facilities (Factory Construction finance, Secured Business Loans, Leasing finance for construction of an automated and computerised production facility) was an average of 7.8% pa.

Two other banks saw value in winning this client's business, and agreed with me to offer the client an indicative approval at 7.1% pa, subject to various conditions. The prospective client agreed he would easily be able to fulfill these conditions. This represented a saving of $63,000 pa. Substantial!

However, the story doesn't finish there. As happens in many of these cases, the original lending bank decided it wanted to keep its client, and came back with an offer that couldn't be refused. At 6.75% pa, this produced savings of $94,500 a year!

In this instance the bank put away the chainsaw and came back with a bunch of sweet smelling roses, in the form of almost $1,000,000 in savings over a 10 year period!

Nice bank! A great result!

Case Study #3

I was able to offer another client a complete restructure of his finances and save him $12,000 a year in bank fees, interest and service charges.

The client's bank had charges over five separate land titles with an accumulated property value of almost $5,000,000. These secured his existing debt of $450,000 and the proposed increased loan of $280,000.

Apart from the obvious savings I was able to offer with a lower interest rate (business debt at home loan rates), I was also able to un-bundle the charges over all five properties and just have charges on two investment properties.

This meant the client was free to raise further funds on his other properties if he wanted to leverage them to purchase further investment properties.

So in this instance, I was not just saving the client $120,000 over a 10-year period, but also preventing a lost opportunity that could have hindered his desire to invest in property any further.

Free, No Obligation Assessment

For a free, no-obligation assessment of your business or personal finances, which would uncover savings opportunities or greater flexibility, call William MacLean, experienced and expert Financial Strategist, on 03 9802 0211.


The figures used here are close approximations and, as can be seen, different clients achieve different results. This is dependent on their circumstances, type of business, type of facilities they originally used, and the nature, scope and variation of the new bank or non-bank products or loan facilities that were put into place.

No guarantee is given that the same or similar results will be achieved for you, even though that maybe the case!

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