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Power Your Way Into Saving Money

Energy has undoubtedly become a basic but essential requirement of life. As wonderful as it is to be 'powered up', the use of energy causes dangerous greenhouse gas emissions and can be nasty on the pocket. Needless to say, conserving energy is good for the environment and can help you save on bills.

A few minor changes can be all it takes to start trimming down that energy bill. Here are a few tips to get you started:


Heating you home takes approximately 23% of your energy bill:

  • Draw the curtains to reduce the loss of the heat through windows, especially at night
  • Keep doors and windows closed to seal off draughts
  • Block any chimneys which are not being used
  • Do not heat any areas of the house not being used
  • Do not overheat your home. Optimal room temperature is 23 degrees.
  • Choose the right size heater for the area.
  • Hot air rises. If your heater has louvers, point them towards the floor.
  • Consider putting on extra clothes before turning on the heater
  • Insulate walls and ceilings


Around 37% of your electricity consumption is used to heat water:

  • Fit a AAA rated low flow showerhead to save up to $100 per year
  • Install an off-peak electric hot water service and choose a location neat the hot water taps most often used
  • Insulate hot water pipes for at least one meter from the storage tank
  • Fix leaking taps
  • Have a short shower instead of a bath
  • Fill the kettle or jug with water from the cold tap instead of the hot tap
  • Turn off the hot water system before going away for more than two weeks


This consumes another 19% of electricity:

  • Regularly check the door seals to your oven. Place a piece of paper between the seals and the door. If it slips out easily the seals are not working properly
  • Do not place fridge and freezers near heat or direct sunlight
  • Only open the fridge and freezer doors when necessary
  • Keep all coils and vents of you fridge and freezer dust free

Ways to save with your dishwasher:

  • Wait until the dishwasher has a full load
  • Choose a dishwasher which has both hot and cold water connections
  • Before the dishwasher starts the drying cycle, open the door and let the dishes dry naturally
  • Keep the filter clean
  • Use energy saving cycles

Ovens and cooktops:

  • Microwaves, electric frypans and pressure cookers are much more energy efficient than the oven
  • Fan forced ovens reduce cooking time
  • Choose pots and pans with snug-fitting lids and flat bases
  • Thaw frozen foods before cooking


Lighting accounts for around 5% of household energy use:

  • Turn the lights off when leaving the room
  • Choose fluorescent and halogen over incandescent lamps (the most common)
  • Do not leave outdoor lights on during the day
  • Consider timers and sensors
  • Make the most of natural light, particularly from the north facing windows
  • Consider skylights for the kitchen and bathroom
  • Avoid using several lights activated by one switch


  • Clean the lint filter after every load in your dryer
  • Try washing on a 'delicate cycle' instead of 'regular'. The motor will not have to work so hard
  • Use the microwave to reheat meals, make sauces, steam vegies etc
  • Put the clothes through an additional washer spin cycle before putting them through the dryer
  • If it is a sunny day, do not use the dryer!!
  • Iron in batches, this way you aren't waiting for the iron to heat up each time
  • Adjust your pool filter to run less through winter
  • Use a hot water bottle and doona to snuggle up and keep warm in front of the television
  • Avoid using the 'steam' on your iron. Use a spray bottle of water instead
  • Use hot water bottles and flannelette sheets rather than an electric blanket
  • Do not leave the computer, radios, ceiling exhaust fans ot espresso machines turned on when not in use.

For more information and advice conservation around you home, please contact your local energy supplier.

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