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Thanks to you we are now proud owners of our factory, and we are also much relieved of stress because of the professional way you have conducted and handled our affairs. We also appreciate the way you have shown person...


About William MacLean

William MacLean has been in the Finance and Banking Industry for over 30 years and has evolved over the years through doing Home Loans, Managing a Home Loans sales force, performing Internal Audits in a Finance Company, Managing a Finance Company Branch, Monitoring client’s Bank account movements, to Managing 100% Project Funding, predominately land based.

It is this last role that William has now returned to as a Project Funding Strategist.

Since 2008 William has been investigating Safe Keeping Receipt (SKR) lending, and being involved in large physical Gold transactions, William eventually found that bringing new products to life that would make a difference in how we lived our lives was what really interested him. So further investigation lead to finding a funding product that was ideal with a transparent process, that delivered an 100% Special Conditions Loan that allowed proven concepts to be brought to life, and existing facilities to be taken to places that needed them.

So the 100% finance facility was identified and verified, that allowed for Private Companies, NGOs, Governments and Individuals to sponsor all manner of projects that delivered a social good and where economically self sustaining.

Minimum project size is 20 million Euro and preferred size is 200 million Euro.

Business Start-ups with “Proof of Concept” established, that will have an ongoing economic benefit, are accepted for submission.

Major Infrastructure projects, Roads, Hospitals, Harbours, Bridges, Schools in those communities where they are needed for Business or to serve the local community and are self sustaining, are accepted for submission.   

Manufacturing, Health, Environmentally focused, Carbon reduction, Waste elimination, Water purification, all these projects are acceptable for submission. 

Other project financing is available as well, under slightly different criteria.