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I am intertested in mining finance between 50 and 250 million dollars
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Bill has helped me enormously. He took care of everything. He saved me $300 per month in repayments, and in my opinion that is fantastic! His many years of experience in the finance world is obvious. I am now in a very...


Frequently Asked Questions about Project Funding

Q&A With William MacLean

1. What's the best part of being a Financial Strategist?

Securing a great deal from the top 4 banks, so my clients are rejoicing about the extra money in their pocket!

I love being able to help individuals along the path to achieving their dreams, whether it's buying their first home, securing an investment property, buying a factory, or restructuring their personal or business finances.

2. What motivates you in your business?

I am greatly motivated by seeing my clients actually get the facility they want at a lower cost than they expected. I'm passionate about saving money on property finance, so this helps keep me motivated.

3. Why should people use MacLean Finance?

Our Guarantee makes us the most accountable mortgage broker in the business. By listening carefully to what you want, we ensure that's what you get. Our guarantee gives you that protection. We treat your money like we treat our own!

4. What's the best advice you give to home buyers?

Be very clear on type of property you want, where you want to live and the price range you can afford (we can calculate that for you).

We also have an informative brochure for first home buyers, identifying the tricks and traps to look out for. We can help you with your First Home Owners Grant application.

5. What's the best advice you give to property investors?

Check you have worked out your cash flow and, if negative gearing, that you have the best product available.

6. Do you have a Scottish accent?

No. But I know some good Scottish jokes! Have a laugh at these.